Book Reviews
An introduction to the history of project management Book Reviews
This book is a treatise on how early civilizations have helped to formulate what we now know as project management from earliest times up to the first part of the twentieth century.
09 Apr 2013 - J. M.
Program Management by Michel Thiry Book Reviews
In "Program Management", Michel Thiry has several themes running throughout the book, from project tools to practical approaches to personal experiences, which helps readers to understand the discipline
14 Mar 2013 - E. B. C.
Second Order Project Management Book Review
This book is aimed at the project manager who has been asked to step up and manage a complex project but would like to differentiate themselves from being a competent manager to an exceptional leader.
07 Mar 2013 - S. D.
Customer-Centric Project Management Book Review
This book is a short, straightforward guide to what customer-centricity means in terms of the way one works
27 Feb 2013 - M. R.
Agile Project Management for Government Book Reviews
Brian Wernham refers to three main agile approaches for best practice, providing examples of how combining these produces a rounded guidance to how governments should work.
15 Feb 2013 - N. C.
The Focused Organization Book Review
There is a significant amount of detailed research into the thought processes behind the current management of many large and well-respected international companies in The Focused Organization.
12 Feb 2013 - B. M.
Social Media in business Book Review
Social Media in Business is a guide to understanding and exploiting social media’s business value.
28 Jan 2013 - S. N.
How to manage project opportunity and risk Book Review
This book, now in its third edition, revises the previous "Project Risk Management" first published in 1997.
07 Jan 2013 - I. M.
Managing product supply chains Book review
The success of any project relies on the punctual, accurate and cost-effective delivery of materials, systems and facilities.
10 Dec 2012 - R. B.
Project Psychology Book Review
"Project Psychology" provides an excellent mix of established models, techniques and strategies, as well as detailed explanations for less experienced project managers
28 Nov 2012 - S. S.
Agile Project Management in Easy Steps Book Review
Over time new ideas develop and are trailed, some fall by the wayside and others find a resonance within an industry, deliver results and then start to reach a broader level of awareness across a wider audience
08 Nov 2012 - E. B.
20:20 Project Management Book Review
I have spent more than 30 years in project management; the last 12 I have been teaching and consulting with international companies in a diverse range of organisations – Tony Marks
02 Nov 2012 - T. M.

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