Human Resources
Kguard announces the Aurora Series Smart surveillance for your home or office
KGUARD, a leading DIY security system company for home and small business offering the first true plug and play solutions to the South African market.
28 Feb 2014
Coaching Circles help retain top talent PM Pointers
New research shows that Coaching Circles can impart valuable business and management skills more cost effectively than conventional training programmes.
14 May 2013
Expert PMs make better decisions Human Resources
How do some people make better decisions than others? Research suggests that experts seem to be able to tap into experiences and intuitions that just are not accessible to new-to-the-field practitioners.
17 Apr 2013 - L. W.
Project management maturity Human Resources
Businesses are under continuous pressure to streamline their operations in order to reap greater rewards and remain competitive in the current global business environment
18 Mar 2013 - J. S.
Project staff superheroes Human resources
It is the task of the project management team to put together the most effective group of individuals who will be tasked with the successful delivery of a project
27 Feb 2013 - J. S.
3 Learning Programme Mistakes and How to Remedy Them Human Resources
Overcoming the hurdle of obtaining the right training is one thing. Sustaining what you learn so that it is reinforced and applied on the job is another.
17 Sep 2012 - N. A.
Making sure the glove fits Human Resources
Getting the right project manager is as much a part of the successful outcome of the project as the initial idea and preliminary plan.
24 Aug 2012 - J. S.
Good Project Management, Good People Management Human Resources
When it comes to the PM discipline, the human factor is an element that needs to be considered in strategic planning.
03 Aug 2012 - J. S.
Maximising your project team PM Pointers
People are the stronghold of every project team and in order to deliver the goods they need their fair share of your time and resources.
27 Jul 2012 - A. T.

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