PM Pointers
Engaging through storytelling PM Pointers
By simply telling a story you can plant ideas, thoughts and emotions into the listeners’ mind. When you tell a story to a colleague, you can transfer experiences directly to their brain.
05 Jun 2013 - L. W.
Manage suppliers, manage success PM Pointers
One of the areas critical to every project's success is procurement management, which requires supplies to be delivered in the right quantity, at the right time and in the right place
22 May 2013 - J. S.
Put your PM hat on PM Pointers
Organisations are starting to train employees within human resources, legal, sales, marketing departments in project management, allowing individual corporate disciplines to manage their own projects as needed.
09 May 2013 - F. R.
You're only as good as your last project PM Pointers
People tend to remember you for your last successful project. For this reason it is very important to treat every project as if it is in fact your last.
30 Apr 2013
3 key principles to reduce project failure PM Pointers
The exact failure rate of projects is difficult to capture, but it's approximately 40%-70%. While there is no consensus on this figure, there is agreement about what is needed to improve successes.
11 Mar 2013
What do we mean by project success? PM Pointers
The most frequently cited definition of project failure is the failure to meet time, cost or scope targets. Even when these three have been met, however, success can remain elusive.
06 Mar 2013 - L. W.
Using Prince2 for Small-Scale Projects PM Pointers
The world of business is fast paced. Decisions have to be made at the drop of a hat as any delay could lead to the loss of opportunities. This precedes an even greater challenge - change.
06 Feb 2013 - J. S.
Project distraction PM Pointers
Are business projects a distraction, or a new project management trend? If you think running complex, high-profile projects is hard, try running small projects within a functional line!
22 Jan 2013 - L. W.
SMART Projects in the New Year PM Pointers
It's the time for New Year’s resolutions. These determinations could involve the desire to change simple things such as dietary habits, or more life-altering decisions such as getting married or having children
16 Jan 2013 - J. S.
Getting the basics right PM Pointers
In a project environment we often give a lot of the glory to the people that overcame adversities, but did we stop to think about what caused the avoidable problem in the first place?
19 Oct 2012 - T. M.
Common PM blunders PM Pointers
There are a number of mistakes a project team can make; here are just twelve of them.
26 Jul 2012 - M. W.
Knowing the Project Lifecycle PM Pointers
For the ease of execution and minimising the risks of project failure, Pascal Mabelo of Transnet recommends organisations implement a Project Lifecycle Methodology.
05 Jul 2012 - d. h.

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