Coaching Circles help retain top talent

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Coaching Circles help retain top talent
Coaching Circles help retain top talent

Coaching Circles involve small groups of people, who share a project or an activity, and meet regularly to work on problems in a supportive environment. But unlike action learning, which has problem solving as its prime goal, Coaching Circles have a triple focus on solving problems, empowering individual members of the team, and teaching and embedding coaching skills in the organisation during the process.

Internationally, the quest for talent is top of the agenda for most organisations. Thamsanqa Maqubela of the SA Graduates Development Association pointed out earlier this year that in addition to university qualifications, employers are looking for: “People with an ability to communicate the theory and apply it in the work place…In addition, they want people with confidence, humility and individual brilliance.”

Such individuals are rare. Knowing this, many companies spend billions of rand annually on training and developing their people through in-house training and external training development programmes incorporating proven techniques like action learning, mentoring and other coaching techniques. The aim is to motivate, empower and inspire staff to ultimately increase productivity while retaining top talent. Finding the right balance is a full-time occupation for many talent managers in big organisations.

Janine Everson, academic director at the Centre for Coaching, says that coaching already plays an important role in most organisations’ talent management programmes, and that their research shows that novel applications like Coaching Circles are proving effective in accelerating these initiatives.

As the demands on top talent increase, so too does the need for effective talent management interventions. Coaching Circles, which merge two already proven techniques – action learning and integral coaching – allowing organisations to tap into the best of both worlds and develop individuals while building more resilient organisations.


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