by dr. paul d. giammalvo

Inside the head of a successful PM

PM Psychology

What is the psyche of a good PM?
What is the psyche of a good PM?
Some people are just naturally good at managing projects. They are consistently able to deliver expected project outcomes within the time, scope and budget constraints. Given there are not always any obvious differences between good and bad project managers in terms of age, sex, education, qualifications, etc. one begs the question as to whether there are any behavioral attributes which can serve to predict, with reasonable accuracy, which people are likely to be ‘natural’ project managers.

Statistics say that gender, age, education, ethnicity, religion or formal training are not the differentiators for the innate ability to manage projects effectively but that effective project management ha much more to do with personality than any other variables.

One small part of a much larger investigation by Paul Giammalvo into the psyche of successful project managers revealed that there are some ‘essential traits' or core attributes that were reliable predictors of success.
The seven traits of successful project managers are as follows:

Takes Initiative – “A tendency to perceive what is necessary to be accomplished and proceed on one’s own”.

Enthusiastic – “A tendency to be eager and excited toward one's own goals”. 

Finance/Business –“An interest in commerce or fiscal management”.

Wants to lead –“A desire to be in a position to direct or guide others”.

Analytical – “A tendency to logically examine facts and situations (not necessarily analytical ability)”

Handles Autonomy –  “A tendency to have the motivation and self-reliance necessary for a significant amount of independence from immediate supervision (does not indicate the necessary job related knowledge)"

Wants Challenges –“A willingness to attempt difficult tasks or goals”

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