by Ron Basu

Managing product supply chains

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Managing product supply chains by Ron Basu
Managing product supply chains by Ron Basu

The success of any project relies on the punctual, accurate and cost-effective delivery of materials, systems and facilities.

Typically, a major project involves several stakeholders working together with controlled resources to deliver a completed project.

It has many suppliers, contractors and customers; it has procurement and supply, demand planning and scheduling; it often lasts several years and has long lead times.

To minimise non-linear project risks related to the project supply chain, comprising multi-tier suppliers, the basic concepts, skills and tools of supply chain management could be even more important for managing projects.

Managing project supply chains demonstrates how customised supply chain management principles can be applied to project management, ensuring project resources are delivered as required, reducing delays and costs, and promoting a successful outcome.

A total supply chain management approach is applied throughout the book. And the role of all the building blocks of the project supply chain are examined.

If one concentrates exclusively on isolated areas, a false impression may be inevitable and inappropriate action taken. Our model for total supply chain management in projects comprises nine building block configurations in three streams:

• Project planning chain – which covers customer focus and stakeholders, resources and time management, and procurement and supplier focus.

• Project delivery chain – which encompasses supply management, building and installation, and handover and closure.

• Project integration – which looks at systems and procedures, regular reviews and quality and performance management.

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