by Craig Johnston, Marketing Manager of Bluekey Seidor


Streamline your project lifecycle – from proposal to invoicing and everything in between – with a single, integrated business management solution.

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Time is money, as they say, and this is particularly true in the engineering and manufacturing realm where effective project management is the cornerstone of success. Ensuring that a project is managed efficiently from start to finish results in better financial control, which can protect margins on individual projects. So, how can engineering and manufacturing SME’s ensure that their project management is streamlined? An integrated business management system with a powerful project management module is the perfect solution.

With projects ranging from simple, one day undertakings through to extremely complex assignments, businesses in this industry need to adapt to the dynamic nature of their trade. Industry changes are characterised by innovation in technology, machine automation, systems integration, precise material requirements, job costing, and the ever-increasing presence of the global village. Here are some advantages of implementing an integrated business management solution.

Project planning

Having a sophisticated and comprehensive project management system in a practical browser-based application enables managers to swiftly put together a more accurate project plan using past data from similar projects for future projects. The turnaround time when putting together a project plan for a tender is greatly reduced, less time-consuming and more efficient. With the correct management systems in place, managers will have more control over project outcomes that contributes to the predictability of job completion.

Resource Management

With traditional project management systems, there is a lack of interdepartmental information-sharing and visibility between team members. Being able to track project activities, tickets, time and expenses in a single project management solution will assist managers to uphold delivery promises and reduce time constraints through effective resource allocation and planning.

Project accounting

Having real-time accounting reports and dashboards enables you to easily track expenses against budget allocations. With an integrated project management system, all related costs are captured by linking direct labour and expenses to the projects they impact, giving you complete control of the total project costs, including third party suppliers, resources and time costs.

Business Intelligence

Arguably the biggest advantage is being able to effectively and proactively analyse and manage the business and individual projects using real-time reports. This means that potential overruns can be identified early to avoid uneccesary costs and unhappy clients.

To effectively overcome mainstream industry advancements, project-based businesses should have a single, comprehensive, integrated, business and project management solution to accurately manage the entire business. By having this in place, you are securing the sustainability of your business and protecting the bottom line.

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