PiCubed launches specialist short courses

PiCubed launches specialist short courses
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PiCubed launches specialist short courses that build on the experiences and perspectives of senior managers and clients through conversations with experts.

At PiCubed our 40 years of education experience proves that real management development occurs when individuals translate their intuitions into judgemental understanding - ensuring they are able to manage not only complicated but also the most complex of projects. 

True learning occurs when views are exchanged and critical thinking is inspired.  PiCubed’s new short course format provokes active engagement from participants as they work through a series of challenges.  We recognise that the people who come on our short courses bring with them a wealth of experience, which we explore, evolve and enrich through a series of conversations and challenges.  When delegates return to work, they are equipped with thinking tools and techniques that are appropriate, and adapted to the management situation they find themselves faced with on a daily basis. 

Learning is a way to achieve accelerated experience, and involves acquiring knowledge, skills and attitudes.  For example, learning to ride a bicycle is not done by listening carefully.  Rather, there is a process: first we watch others riding a bicycle and think, I’d like to be able to do that.  

Once we have observed others, we need to get involved by doing; we get onto a bicycle, sometimes with training wheels, sometimes without, but we get on the bike, and learn the feeling of balancing and peddling.  Thirdly we receive feedback on our progress; perhaps physically as we fall, perhaps through verbal encouragement and advice – and through that we get better at riding.  Finally we reflect on the experience, and by making further attempts, master what initially seemed impossible.   

Through challenges, PiCubed offers participants in its development programmes, a similar approach when learning complex management topics.  The starting point is a conversation.  An opportunity for delegates to share views and observations - with all contributors being on an equal footing - ideas and experiences are pooled and a ‘map’ of the subject under debate is established.   Points of interest, i.e. difficulties that often occur in the managing of projects, are structured as challenges.  Becoming involved in solving a challenge is like actually getting on the bike: it is the point when knowledge and theory is confronted by the realities of ‘uneven surfaces’ and ‘uncertain balance’.  Through working with peers; the various suggested approaches and solutions are exposed to rapid and varied feedback, including critiques from an expert, whose value lies in the width and depth of previous exposure to the challenge.  This widens the basis for the examination of the ideas and focuses attention on possible omissions - things not thought of that are worth consideration.  At the conclusion of the challenge, the conversation resumes to reflect on the experiences, converting them into learning through the creation of models and concepts, which are taken back and applied within the delegates’ organisations.   

Using conversations and challenges as the basis for developing management capability creates confidence.  Participants have a solid basis of experience upon which they can draw when faced with challenges arising in their own operations.  They know that by using their knowledge and skills, and by taking into account other peoples’ perspectives, they can translate yesterday’s experience into today’s expertise, because they have done it! 

At PiCubed we don’t train managers; we use workshops and specialist short courses to build capability by providing accelerated experiences in the challenges that every manager faces when leading or enabling organisations to deliver sustainable business performance.

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