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Knowing the Project Lifecycle

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The Project Lifecycle
The Project Lifecycle

For the ease of execution and minimising the risks of project failure, Pascal Mabelo of Transnet proposes that organisations not only adopt a mature project methodology in terms of strategy and operations, but they take careful consideration of the full project lifecycle at all levels.

But how should organisations go about implementing such a methodology? I recommend the following steps for the establishment and implementation of a standardised Project Lifecycle Methodology:

1st Step: Conduct a Project Capability Audit
Assess the granularity (i.e. variety of sizes and numbers), nature or type (e.g., Infrastructure, IT, change), and risk profile of projects in the organisation’s portfolio;
  • Determine the appropriate levels of throughput, the risk appetite and expected delivery cycle that are acceptable to the organisation – in keeping with its strategic objectives;
  • Determine the project management maturity level in the organisation as of the end-state;
  • Determine competency levels (i.e. knowledge, skills, and attitude) of project personnel
2nd Step: Develop a Lifecycle Methodology that takes into account any imperatives and important considerations emanating from 1st Step
3rd Step: Launch the Methodology on a pilot basis (e.g. on an isolated section of the portfolio).
4th Step: Solicit feedback from project personnel and key stakeholders as to how they experienced the Methodology – and use such information to revise it.
5th Step: Devise and install an adequate PM Infrastructure to support and enable the Methodology.
6th Step: Roll out the revised Methodology across the portfolio.
7th Step: Continuously improve on the Methodology through benchmarking and Lessons-Learned.
The first step is by far the most critical as it determines the design that best suits the organisation
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