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Social Media in business

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'Social Media in business' by Steve Nicholls

Social Media in Business is a guide to understanding and exploiting social media’s business value. It highlights social media’s business opportunities as well as possible pitfalls, and the strategy that companies should go through to implement an effective social media agenda.

The book first explains why social media has become indispensable to business in the modern age, drawing the dramatic evolution the internet has seen in the past five years. Because social media is a broad field, the book then establishes a common language so that all departments within an organisation can have the same understanding of the concept.

The book discusses the risks associated with social media so that they can be properly understood and mitigated.

Some of those risks include reputation management, security, trust, time management, information overload, and personal and professional life overlap.

The book provides mitigation strategies for each of these risks so that social media can be taken advantage of at its maximum potential.

Social Media in Business offers a practical and systematic framework that can be adapted within any organisational environment, in order to introduce and implement social media. This is the 3-CORE Project Success System, which centres on Business Environment, Project Stages and Project Development Cycle – the latter being a special tool to facilitate goal achievement. The model makes sure companies adopt a successful social media within the context of wider business goals.

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