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Accounting for contingencies Working at risk and its management
A significant portion of the cost of property development is the contingent (or transaction) cost involved in undertaking the development. Typically, these are research and
08 Mar 2016
Dispel the illusion Top ten risk myths to avoid
Myths help us to make sense of the uncertainty that surrounds us. In the world of business and projects, risk management performs the same role. Unfortunately there are also myths
09 Feb 2016
ROLL WITH THE PUNCH Introducing the next level in project risk management: antifragile project management
In this second article in a series, we get into what antifragile is all about (from a projects- perspective) and explore some ways in which it can make project management adaptive
08 Dec 2014
RISK MANAGEMENT A paradigm shift in risk management
B4Risk is a concept that describes the proactive measures an organisation should institute to mitigate the severity of an impact as a result of the risk that realises. The
23 Sep 2014
RISK MANAGEMENT Introducing the next level in project risk management: antifragile project management (PRM401)
Standards, by definition, reflect good practice. Good practice is the result of making lots of mistakes and learning from these mistakes. As a profession or industry matures,
24 Jul 2014
The Risk Doctor Taking the plunge
David Hillson argues that without calculated risk, there can be no project innovation; the most important consideration should be how to manage it effectively
27 Mar 2013 - D. H.
Worries over faltering projects Proactive intervention
Only 37% of all major technology projects are delivered on time, within budget and perform to expectations. The remainder of projects either struggle to deliver what is expected or fail entirely.
31 Jan 2013
Misconceptions about risk Risk Management
We all know that risk management is supposed to manage risks. But people often understand very different things when they use the word "risk".
07 Nov 2012 - D. H.
Cultivating a Risk Culture Risk Management
Several things help to make risk management work but the most important contributor is the culture of the organisation, which provides the context at all levels.
05 Jul 2012 - d. d. h.
Does your project need a consortium? Risk Management
The consortium approach to project delivery is chosen because of the desire to share the risks inherent in that project as evenly as possible.
05 Jul 2012

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